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Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review

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Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review

Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review

What You Should Know About Ecoin

Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review – Ecoin is not a site where you will earn money instantly. If someone has told you that, it is not really true. Ecoin is a long-term project, where you’re being reward for attracting other users. By keeping your Ecoins in your account, you are helping yourself and the whole community.

Since their price and value will increase day after day. By instantly withdrawing them for a few bucks at best, you obviously jeopardize what some of our members and we are trying to achieve.

Ecoin is building a global payment network that aims to remove all types of bank fees and provide a stable financial system as an alternative to the current system where poorest of poor immigrants pay 10% as bank fees when they send money back home or currencies like venezuelan bolivar or zimbabwe dollar which are losing 10% value every day due to hyperinflation.

What Is Ecoin

Ecoin is the world’s fastest growing crypto currency powered by the world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven e-mail based proxy identity engine which aims to launch the world biggest airdrop.

ecoin official review scam or legit

Ecoin was designed to have the world’s easiest distribution system, as it was clear the current distribution models of cryptos don’t work well for mass adoption.

With the world’s most easiest user on-boarding, Ecoin has become the world’s fastest-growing crypto currency with over a million users in just 4 weeks of launch and it’s unique design makes its growth practically unstoppable.

Ecoin aims to be the first cryptocurrency to reach billion users which will result in the value of ecoin to skyrocket which will provide a safe alternative to the millions of the world’s poor who suffer from an unstable and exclusionary financial system.

A powerful currency on the market with a really high value. Check on how Bitcoin has gone up and think Ecoin could do the same. But we must be patient and wait and even buy more Ecoin if we have a chance. In the near future you will be grateful for having saved your ecoins instead of having sold them at a low price like now.

Ecoin has acquired 3 Million+ users in just 60 days and set a start-up record as fastest growing crypto.

Ecoin has created the world’s simplest and super fun way of earning your first crypto in less than 10 seconds worth $5 157,614,389 Ecoins worth $348,582 paid already.

Bitcoin went up from $1 to $15000 in just 10 years which proves Cryptocurrency is the future. Now, Ecoin want’s to create a Mass adoption revolution, don’t miss it.

The world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency – Ecoin designed by the ex-Microsoft guys which boasts of world’s first AI-driven Email-based Identity engine that can detect genuine emails from fake ones ensuring one person can’t claim with multiple emails.

Using this technology ecoin will be distributed to everyone with an email completely free of cost. Simply sign up with your email to earn 200 ecoins previously 1000 for free and another 200 ecoins previously 1000 for every friend you refer ( which has a real value already ). When Ecoin reaches mass adoption, your ecoins will worth a lot, there is nothing to lose anyway.

I am sure you have heard of ‘cryptocurrencies’ and wondered how they work. Cryptocurrency is a payment network designed for the internet era which runs on next-gen technology called Blockchain.

This technology although groundbreaking hasn’t reached mass adoption yet as older cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin need massive investment to earn them through mining and need high technical knowledge to use them.


Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review : Is Ecoin Scam or Legit?

Status : PAYING

Ecoin is 100% legit and paying. So far I’ve made more than 10 complete withdrawals within 24 hours without any problem. Many people are complaining about withdrawal and if you’re one of them, check the following;

New Member: You may not be able to withdraw immediately once you sign up on ecoin. You must be at least one month old on the site or simply refer 10 people to become fully valid. If you can not get 10 fully valid referrals then you must wait for one month and within that one month you have to make sure that your account get fully valid and also get 2 fully valid referrals or else you can’t withdraw. Withdrawal cannot be made on a valid account(s) on ecoin platform.

Fake Referrals: Here is where people register different account through their referral link and also on the same device. Once you start generating fake referrals into the system then you’ll be asked to have another 50 fully valid referrals before you can withdraw. Since ecoin was made through AI (Artificial Intelligence), therefore you can not cheat the system.

Minimum amount to withdraw is 250 ecoins on current balance. Any other amount cannot be withdrawn except your current balacan. But you can decide to withdraw any amount on your savings balance after 3 good month.

How Ecoin Works

Ecoin works on a simple idea that a currency value grows with its network of users. Hence Ecoin wants to distribute ecoin to as many people as possible.

Ecoin is a token based on telos blockchain which can run as many as 5000 tx per second which is about 800 times faster than Bitcoin which means transactions on Ecoin are not only cheaper but also near-instant.

Ecoin has a supply of about 1 billion coins of which 500 billion are locked in a smart contract which are released by about 50 billion every 6 month. The remaining 500 will be distributed to users who sign’s up on Ecoin platform.

Create an account

Verify your mobile number

Start earning ecoins

Withdraw ecoins later

The easiest way to reach everyone is to give the token for free. Each sign up from a verified email gets you 400 Ecoins (previously 1000).

After that each referral to your friends whose email gets verified gets you another 400 Ecoins (previously 1000). If every person reading this signs up just 5 of their friends we can reach a billion users in no time.

How do I earn from Ecoin

1.&nbspYou will earn 10%-15% interest every month from your savings balance which you earn from your referrals. The more you refer, the more you earn. When you refer a friend you’ll earn 300ecoins (previously 600ecoins) worth $6 which will move to your savings balance when he / she becomes fully verified with 25 ticket

2.&nbspYou will earn ecoin by scratching tickets. Minimum tickets to scratch is 1 and maximum is 25 which earns you up to 10000’s of ecoin worth $1000

3.&nbspYou will earn from your referral’s referral (second level referral) which unlocks at level 2 on Ambassador program. Before you can get to level 2, you must have 10fully valid referrals which will earn you 125ecoins (previously 188ecoin) when ever your friends referral join.

3.&nbspYou will earn from ecoin by holding a minimum amount of 1000 ecoins in your wombat wallet which gives you one ticket daily. This means if you’re able to hold 50k(50,000) ecoins, you will receive 50 tickets everyday and this tickets can also earn you 10000’s of ecoins. It’s time to start holding ecoin now!


Steps to join Ecoin

1.&nbspIt’s very easy to join ecoin. All required is an email address as said by Krishna Yogi, the CEO and Co-Founder of ecoin, he says Our system mimics a normal website where you can sign up with your email address and the idea behind this is to build the network to get an initial 100 million users or more into the ecosystem</q > As the number of sign up increases, the value of ecoin also rises and ecoin will be unstoppable when it reaches 1 billion of users leading ecoin to reach a dollar.

Register Here

2.&nbspAfter registration, you’ll be successfully redirected to your dashboard. Now you have to verify your account by linking your mobile number (compulsory). Either you link it with your WhatsApp number or telegram number but in some cases you will be asked to perform all the two. Some account get verified instantly especially if your gmail account is old but others have to wait for several day days to be fully verified. By doing this, you ask some of your referrals to also link their numbers as you did to make verification quick or simply go to your dashboard then

  • Click on menu
  • Look for airdrop in the options provided and click on it
  • Look for “Brave Airdrop” then you claim airdrop
  • After claiming, download brave browser and use it for one week or so
  • And you’ll be fully valid

Please don’t forget this….. After downloading brave browser

  • Visit Ecoin Official website. With brave browser not your other browser
  • Log into your account
  • Then claim your first airdrop reward
  • You will be given another date to claim another ecoin Make sure you do so

Earn From Ecoin Referral Program

Share your referral link with your friends and you will earn extra 200 ecoins (previously 1000) with 25 lottery tickets for referring your friends. Each lottery ticket can earn you up to 10,000 ecoins.

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How To Gain More Referrals On Ecoin

Import your google contacts and email them

Share your referral link across social media platforms, forums, etc

Try to sign up at least 2 – 3 people a day

Ecoin Withdrawal

Once you have more than 250 Ecoins in your current balance you can withdraw by pressing the withdraw button.

All the ecoins you earn through referrals goes to savings and after 1 month you earn up to 10% interest to current balance automatically, you dont need anything for this. You can withdraw full amount after 3 months.

Minimum amount is 250 ecoins. Your ecoins can only be withrawn to your Telos Account.

Why You Should Join Ecoin

Facebook acquired whatsapp for a whopping $19 billion primarily because it had 500 million users using it, the underlying software can be created in a couple of clicks from github today. Metcalfe’s law, The most useful principle for measuring value of internet companies states that the value of networks grows as a square of its user base.

Ecoin is only the coin that is absolutely focused on mass adoption and we have the right strategy for that. As you know, over 95% of Ecoin emission is done primarily through signing up of new users. Traditionally more coins in circulation meant lesser prices, however in the case of Ecoin more coins in the circulation implies more users using the network.

Hence, the value of Ecoin network grows proportional to the square of its user base while the coin circulation only grows linearly, which implies the value of Ecoin token actually goes up with more users in the network. Ecoin is the first coin that is poised to cross billion users owing to the world’s simplest crypto onboarding experience.

Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review

Ecoin has the best recipe to grow at a breakneck pace. Every dollar that is invested in Ecoin directly goes towards signing up more users because of the unique ‘Sign up price discovery’ mechanism. Ecoin have put in strong mechanisms to prevent price crash like coin staking. Ecoin is prepared to scale up to millions of users over night

Ecoin is integrated with peer-to-peer exchange from the start so anyone can buy these coins from our users and support ecoin ecosystem. Ecoin plan to have multiple partnerships as we would achieve the biggest user base in the crypto industry faster than anyone else.

  1. World’s biggest Airdrop :
    Ecoin will be distributed for free to everyone with an email as expecting users to pay for something new (like cryptocurrency) is impractical Facebook would never acquire billion users if they asked you to pay for signing up
  2. Earn from Referrals :
    Refer a friend and earn 200 Ecoins (previously 1000) for every friend who signs up
  3. Instant Transfer :
    Users will be able to transfer their coins with other users for free right after sign up
  4. Interest on your earnings :
    Put your coins in a savings account and enjoy monthly interest
  5. Additional Earnings :
    We have variable interest rate system based on your savings. The more you save, the more interest you earn.
  6. Withdraw them when you need :
    You can withdraw your coins to any EOS wallet you want and operate independently
  7. Second level Referral :
    You will also earn from your referral’s referral. When your friend’s referral joins with us, you will get another 125 coins (previously 188).
  8. Strong Network Effects :
    Network Effect is a Numbers game. As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more the value of ecoin, more people will sign up.

Know More About Ecoin Crypto Currency

Ecoin combines power of Social Mining and stable-coin banking and aims to be the biggest crypto ecosystem ever. Social mining has proven to be vastly more effective at attracting millions into cryptocurrency which helped acquire over 1.5 million verified users.

Ecoin’s mission is to enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency by bringing billions of users into crypto. Ecoin aims to tackle this problem with the help of world’s first AI driven proxy identity platform along with world’s easiet crypto onboarding powered by social mining, cashbacks mining and incentirized mining that will eventually lead to mass adoption of crypto.

Ecoin unique approach will make crypto-onboarding as easy as signing up to any usual website with your email and phone but will also eliminate fraud completely.

  1. What is Social Mining – Ecoin Social Mining is for time takers who love to invest time over money. Here our Fully validated users Earn Ecoins by participating in various free offer’s listed by our partners.
  2. What is Cashback Mining – Ecoin Cashbacks Mining is for people who love to complete their daily spending like shopping etc. and get Ecoin as Cashbacks.
  3. What is Incentivized Mining – Ecoin Incentivized Mining is getting small rewards by completing the process of ‘Introduction and Identification’. This reward gets released based on Supply and demand.


Ecoin is the only crypto currency that crossed 3 million users in just 3 months owing to the fact that it’s extremely easy for average users to sign-up and earn their first ecoin.

Once Ecoin crosses 100 million users, it’s practically impossible to stop Ecoin’s growth.

Please remember once they cross the next million users, this giveaway will drop to 200 ecoins, so don’t miss this opportunity.

There’s also a surprise if you sign up in the next 1 hour. This is a really unique idea and potentially a very powerful one, so don’t ignore it – This is our chance to be ‘change makers’

Come join me and lets be part of this once-in-a-lifetime crypto revolution.

NOTE : Ecoin will never ask you to invest your money, don’t be fooled by scammers.

Sign Up Here And Earn $5


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