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What You Should Know About Ecoin Ecoin is not a site where you will earn money instantly. If someone has told you that, it is not really true. Ecoin is a long-term project, where you're being reward for attracting other users. By keeping your Ecoins in your account, you are helping yourself and the whole community. Since their price and value will increase day after day. By instantly withdrawing them for a few bucks at best, you obviously jeopardize what some of our members and we are trying to achieve. × Please click on one advertisement before leaving my site to support me. Below is one Thanks! Advertisement Ecoin is building a global payment network that aims to remove all types of bank fees and provide a stable financial system as an alternative to the current system where poorest of poor immigrants pay 10% as bank fees when they send money bac

Ads By Adleep Network Is A Scam

adleep for publishers

Adleep Advertising Network

Adleep is a big scam! They will wait for you to reach your minimum payout and then sends you a message that

Hello, Greetings of the day to you! Due to copyright content violation and infringement of people's Intellectual property, we are removing your websites from our programmatic platform.

All our Advertisers have updated their company and business policy and they have desisted from showing their ads on websites/platforms that have copyright issues. We advise you to seek the owner's consent for all the content you publish on your website and also put a Copyright Certificate or agreement on your website before you register on Adleep again else your account will be deleted and all your earnings would also be removed. Thank you

And I'm not the only one who have received this, some of my friends too received the same message in their inbox after they made some cash with them. I advice you not to work with them and find other ad networks that pays higher too than them.

My post earlier

Adleep is a programmatic advertising platform which allows advertisers to connect with their target audience through the right publishing platforms and also allow publishers to earn money from their website traffic.

× Please click on one advertisement before leaving my site to support me. Below is one

Table Of Contents How much will i earn
How it works
How to set up
Adleep for wordpress users

How much will i earn from adleep

Your earnings on Adleep will depend on your traffic. For instance 100 organic search impression might earn you $0.05-$0.15.

How Adleep works

  • create an account as a publisher.
  • Add a website and wait for approval (approves instantly).
  • Add a zone(s).
  • Copy ad zone code and paste it at the back end of your website.
  • Start earning real money.
  • How to set up Adleep on your site

    1. Log into your dashboard.

    2. Click on menu buttom on the top left side on your dashboard and click sites.

    3. Click on create to add a site(s).

    4. Enter your site details and click on create.

    Your site will be verified automatically after creating. If it doesn't contact support.

    5. Add a zone

    You can create any zone you prefer but not repeating the same zone twice or more. If you do, your zones might be removed by Adleep and ads might fail to show up on your site.

    Ad formats

    1. Banners
    2. Vast
    3. Footer marquee

    Under banners you might prefer to choose;

  • Micro bar
  • Button
  • Skyscrape
  • Vertical Banner
  • Square button
  • Wide Skyscraper
  • Rectangle
  • Small square
  • Half Banner
  • Vertical Rectangle
  • Square pop-up
  • Half page Ad
  • Mobile banner
  • Full banner
  • Netboard
  • Pop-under
  • Leaderboard
  • Billboard
  • Panorama
  • For instance, if you create a zone for Full banner, you must not create it twice or more rather paste the same adcode on every page you want your ads to appear.

    6. After creating your ad zone, copy ad code and paste it at the backend of your page (where ever you want ad to appear) by switching to html mode.

    Adleep for wordpress users

    For wordpress users, you can install adleep ads on your site by installing headers and footers plugin, placing ad code in your theme editor or use AMP tag instead of using normal tag when creating your zone(s).

    Pros Of Adleep

  • No minimum traffic is required before you start earning
  • Real time reporting
  • Multiple Ad zone

    You are allowed to create multi ad zone but not creating the same dimension twice or more

  • Referral program

    You will earn addition 5% from any publisher that you refer through your referral link

  • Multiple payment method

    Publishers could be paid in different ways depending on your country. PayPal and Wire Transfer are available in my country

  • Minimum amount to withdraw is $50 which is not hard to earn

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