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Ecoin Official Review | Scam or Legit | Earn $5 in 10sec

Ecoin Official Ecoin is not a site where you will earn money instantly. If someone has told you that, it is not really true. Ecoin is a long-term project, where you're being reward for attracting other users. By keeping your Ecoins in your account, you are helping yourself and the whole community. Since their price and value will increase day after day. By instantly withdrawing them for a few bucks at best, you obviously jeopardize what some of our members and we are trying to achieve. Table Of Contents 1. What Is Ecoin 2. Is Ecoin Scam Or Legit 3. How Ecoin Works 4. How Do I Earn From Ecoin 5. How To Join Ecoin 6. Earn From Referral Program 7. How To Gain More Referrals On Ecoin 8. Conclusion

Oxbtc Cloud Mining | Earn free cryptocurrency

oxbtc update | earn free Cryptocurrency

OXBTC Cloud Mining

OXBTC is one of the best and oldest cloud mining company which provides cloud mining contracts, bitcoin, ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. On OXBTC, you'll have to deposit bitcoin, ethereum or USDT to be able to purchase cloud mining contracts. Card payments are also available ( Visa, Master card, Credit card ). Your mining contract will start immediately after payment is confirmed successfully.

Table Of Contents New updates
Earn From Tasks
Prize Pool

If you want to mine Cryptocurrencies without any difficulties, OXBTC is the best solution for you. Higher profits is assured with 24/7 customer service.

New Updates On OXBTC

  • Oxbtc is offering $200 hashrate for every new user that joins their platform for free. Old users are not eligible for this but can however get discounts on purchases that they make.
  • 3% OFF 0.1T btc hashrate, 3% OFF 1M eth hashrate, limited to one order.
  • 5% OFF btc / eth hashrate, 10% OFF IPFS hashrate.
  • Both referrer and referee could get 1T btc hashrate and 1M eth hashrate for free.
  • Extra bonus for increasing 30% proportion of sharing millions of hashrate in the peize pool.
  • All the above mentioned will be eligible for you if you're new to their system.

    Free electricity bills for 30 days for both new and old members

    Oxbtc announced in it telegram group that, there's an upcoming Chinese Mid-aututmn Festival and National Day, so they've prepared some big deals for every user who purchase Eth-PI06 during the holiday.

    Offer starts from 26 september and ends on 09 October 2020.

    Claim Yours Here

    More OXBTC Privileges

  • Buy one $0.99 eth and get two free for your first order on eth hashrate.
  • Buy one $0.99 eth and get one free for any orders on eth hashrate.
  • Claim free eth Hashrate that worth $7 everyday
  • Earn from Eth mining trading contest

    New Contest: Started on 12th September 2020, 9:00am(SGT) and will end on 26 October 2020, 9:00am(SGT).

  • Do this to participate;

    All you need to do is to recieve eth privileges, purchase eth hashrate and rank according to the actual paid amount. Remember, the higher you rank, the bigger prize you will win.

    Prizes for winners

  • 1th: One eth-B7 miner
  • 2nd: One iphone 12
  • 3rd: Free electric fees for 30 days
  • Advantages On OXBTC

    Oxbtc provides a way to earn as much as you want from their system with 0% cost, all you have to do is

    Perform your referral task(once) to unlock main feature:

    This main feature allows you to claim 100 satoshi every 2 hours for life and for free! After performing referral task, you'll also be rewarded with 100 satoshi.

  • You will be provided with about 3 document on your dashboard that you should select one and share in order to unlock your dashboard
  • Copy the text / document you will choose, open your twitter account and share. You must tag 3 friends includling oxbtc.
  • After sharing, submit a prove (screen shot) for a review.
  • Receive 100 satoshi after reviewed succesfully
  • You will also earn 3% commission from your referrals

    Claim Yours Here Now!

    Social Media task

  • Follow oxbtc on twitter, submit a screen shot and receive 100 satoshi.
  • Subscribe to Oxbtc youtube channel, submit a screen shot and receive 100 satoshi.
  • Follow OXBTC facebook page, submit screen shot and receive 100 satoshi
  • Claim Yours Here Now!

    6th Prize pool is launched with big surprises

  • Share ETH hashrate that worth 15 million.
  • 1 ETH-B7 panda miner and 1 BTC S19 ant miner.
  • Free electric fees for 30days.
  • Free 2M BTC and ETH hashrate limited for first 100 users daily.
  • The more points you earn, the more prizes you will earn.

    Claim Yours Here

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