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Vertex Trades Review | Is It Scam Or Legit

What Vertex Trades Is Vertex Trades is an innovative service, based on neural network, that allows you to make passive and stable profit, even if you absolutely do not understand cryptocurrencies. Vertex Trades is a leading investment and cryptocurrency and Forex trading firm based in London. They specialise in short-medium term positions in large-cap cryptocurrencies and major Forex markets. Thier trading specialists and investment professionals average over 20 years experience in the industry. Their board of investment and trade research specialists include experienced traders with great amount of institutional exposure at top financial and banking institutions, and they are constantly working on implementing most effective and advanced trading technology and competitive services for their clients. How Vertex Trades Works Create an account on Vertex Trades website Choose a plan you prefer Start earning profit

ProperllarAds Review | Higher CPM for Publishers

Propeller Ads network

PropellerAds Network

PropellerAds is an AdTech company, providing powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale with 1B+ audience coverage, 25M conversion every month, 32K active advertisers and 150K active publishers world wide offering push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, interstitial and smart link(direct link) as their ad format.

Table Of Contents How it works,
How to set up ads
Payment methods
Pros and Cons

How PropellerAds Works

  • Register an account as a publisher
  • Add a website and wait for approval (fast approval).
  • Add a zone, copy and paste ad codes at the backend of your site.
  • Start earning real money
  • How to set up/place PropellerAds on your site/blog

    To get propeller ads shown on your website or blog, follow these instructions to set it up. For wordpress users, you may click here to install code on your website/blog with or without plugin

    To install code,

    1. Go to propeller ads website and sign into your account. Create one if you don't have.

    2. Click on menu on the top-left side and choose sites.

    3. After new page opens, click on add site in blue background. Type your domain name (blogspot are not accepted) eg. earnmorecashtoday.com and click on add site.

    Now you'll need to verify your site / domain to proove ownership. You'll be provided with two options to verify your site

  • download and upload file to the root of your site.
  • add a meta tag to your homepage
  • I recommend using meta tag (easiest way). Copy meta tag code and log into your theme / template and place / paste the meta tag code in between the head starting tag and ending tag and click save. After saving go back to propeller ads and click on the verify button. Your site will be verify instantly if you place html code well.

    NOTE: add a /> at the end of your meta tag or verification will not go through.

    3. After your site get verified successfully, add a zone. Ad formats are;

  • Onpage push(banner): available to website from the top 500,000 Alexa rank list.
  • Push Notifications
  • On click ads (popunders).
  • Interstitial: available to website from the top 500,000 Alexa rank list.
  • Direct link
  • After you choose your preferred ad format, give your tag a name and click on get tag.

    4. A new page opens, turn off https-tag or you'll be asked to download and upload a file into your website's root directory and you'll also be asked to verify it.

    After you turn off https-tag, choose between;

  • JS code with Anti-adblock
  • JS Code with no anti-adblock
  • PHP with anti-adblock
  • Copy ad code and paste it at the backend (in the body tag of every pages you want ads to appear) of your site and start earning.

    PropellerAds For wordpress users

  • Log into your propeller ads dashboard. Create an account if you don't have
  • Click on menu from your dashboard on the top-left side and click on Sites. Choose add a site, enter your website address and click add site.
  • Copy meta tag code (for website verification) and log into your wordpress dashboard. Go to appearance and click on editor.
  • After editor opens, choose header.php file and paste meta tag code below the head tag and save.
  • Go back to website and click on verify
  • How to install PropellerAds for wordpress

    PropellerAds can be installed on wordpress in two ways, either by installing propeller ads official plugin for wordpress or installing without plugin.

    To install with plugin;

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard
  • Select plugin and click on add new
  • Type propellerads in the search bar and install.
  • After you install plugin, activate your plugin link.
  • After activating plugin link, go to propeller ads website and customize your ads
  • To do without Plugin,

  • Go to appearance from your wordpress dashboard and select editor, locate where your header.php file is and then paste ad code below the body tag.
  • OR

  • go to appearance and select widget.
  • Paste your ad code in the widget box and click save
  • You're done, start earning now!

    PropellerAds Payment method and minimum payout

    Payment Method Minimum Payout
    PayPal $5
    ePayments $5
    Skrill $5
    Webmoney $5
    Payoneer $20
    Wire Transfer $500

    Pros and Cons of PropellerAds


  • Weekly payout
  • Fast approval
  • Simple to join and very easy to use
  • Minimum withdrawal is $5
  • 24/7 support system
  • CONS

  • Do not accept blogspot / wordpress

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