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Ecoin Official Crypto Currency Review | The Crypto For Everyone

What You Should Know About Ecoin Ecoin is not a site where you will earn money instantly. If someone has told you that, it is not really true. Ecoin is a long-term project, where you're being reward for attracting other users. By keeping your Ecoins in your account, you are helping yourself and the whole community. Since their price and value will increase day after day. By instantly withdrawing them for a few bucks at best, you obviously jeopardize what some of our members and we are trying to achieve. × Please click on one advertisement before leaving my site to support me. Below is one Thanks! Advertisement Ecoin is building a global payment network that aims to remove all types of bank fees and provide a stable financial system as an alternative to the current system where poorest of poor immigrants pay 10% as bank fees when they send money bac

Questia Ghana Review | Questia Community Is No More

Questia Community Review

What Questia Community Is

Questia is an online community where members express their opinions freely and sincerely. Questia undertake sociological and market surveys with the help of their community members whom are being rewarded with points and raffle tickets for the answers provided. Questia do not promote or sell any product. They are interested in your opinions which help them better understand the world.

× Please click on one advertisement before leaving my site to support me. Below is one


What You Need To Do To Earn From Questia

  • Take Surveys
  • You can earn points by participating in Questia surveys designed specifically for you. By filling in your personal account profile and the one on the poll page, you will win more chance to participate in the monthly raffle and helps Questia send you the poll that best fit your profile.

    It's really important to have your profile completed because members of the Questia Community are invited to participate in surveys based on the profiles of respondents needed in the many studies undertaking by Questia.

  • Add Points
  • You will be rewarded once you join the community. When you help Questia to know you, you'll be rewarded with 10 points and a permanent ticket to their monthly raffles. You will receive a number of points for each survey you participate in depending on it complexity. Most surveys can earn you between 5 and 30 points. More polls completed, more points earned!

  • Convert Points Into Prizes
  • On Questia, points earned can be converted into prizes. You can choose to turn your points into extra ticket at the monthly raffle or turn your points into money / cash.

    In order to turn points into raffle tickets, you need 200 points accumulated on your Questia account. 200 points is worth 1 extra ticket. Which means an extra chance of winning at the raffle monthly.

    To convert points to money, you need at least 500 points accumulated on your Questia account. 10 points is worth $0.51 / ¢3. In addition, you automatically participate in Questia monthly raffle through the permanent raffle tickets that you can get if you fill in your profile information.

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