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Ecoin Smart Contract Review | Is Ecochain Scam Or Legit

Are you aware ecoin has launched it smart contract? This is the first smart contract based on the EOS/Telos blockchain Click Here To Join Webtalk And Earn Up To $100 Daily! Ecochain is a smart contract based on Ecoin which runs on Telos blockchain. The leader of P2P (Peer to Peer) Telos Smart Contracts and Network Marketing. It has created a digital platform that provides worldwide Decentralized income via it’s true Matrix system! Ecochain powers the people with fail-proof keys to financial freedom for fast infinite income! Ecochain is the asiest way to earn ecoin You're welcome as you visualize your journey towards becoming Ecoin millionaire Here is a Complete Step By Step On How To Join Ecochain This works only on wombat wallet...cannot be done from a web browser Fund your wombat wallet with at least 1000 ecoins. The actual amount needed to join (1000ecoins) Ta

OXBTC Cloud Mining Review | Is OXBTC Scam OrLegit

OxBTC cloud Mining | Best place to mine bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Introduction To OXBTC Cloud Mining

OXBTC is a cloud Mining which was established in 2014. OXBTC has become the world's leading and oldest cloud mining platform with its competitive power cost advantage, rapidly accumulated scale effect and continuous and stable operation.

OXBTC has 8 large mining farms in Kazakhstan, Venezuela, United States, Sichuan, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang.

OXBTC has a promising pricing structure which enables it users to start cloud mining from a price as low as $0.228 per GH/s.

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If you want to mine Cryptocurrencies without any difficulties, OXBTC is the best solution for you. Higher profits is assured with 24/7 customer service.

Privileges For New Users On OXBTC

  • Oxbtc is offering $200 hashrate for every new user that joins their platform for free. Old users are not eligible for this but can however get discounts on purchases that they make.
  • 3% OFF 0.1T btc hashrate, 3% OFF 1M eth hashrate, limited to one order.
  • 5% OFF btc / eth hashrate, 10% OFF IPFS hashrate.
  • Both referrer and referee could get 1T btc hashrate and 1M eth hashrate for free.
  • Extra bonus for increasing 30% proportion of sharing millions of hashrate in the peize pool.
  • All the above mentioned will be eligible for you if you're new to their system.

    Use code: OXONY and get $200 Hashrate for free!

    More OXBTC Privileges

  • Buy one $0.99 eth and get two free for your first order on eth hashrate.
  • Buy one $0.99 eth and get one free for any orders on eth hashrate.
  • Claim free eth Hashrate that worth $7 everyday
  • Earn from Eth mining trading contest
  • How OXBTC Cloud Mining Works

    OXBTC provides the following cloud mining opportunities for it users.

    1. SHA-256 for Bitcoin
    2. Scrypt for Litecoin
    3. Ethash for Ethereum
    4. Equihash for Zcash

    In order to access these, you'll need to do the following;

    Register an account and then log in.

    Choose contract type and amount.

    Choose your payment method and complete your order.

    Check your mining profits in anywhere and anytime.

    Mining will start immediately after payment is confirmed successfully without having to install and manage any hardwares. You'll get higher mining profits with real miners running, professional mining farm maintenance and 24-hour customer service.

    Advantages On OXBTC

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, And USD Tether deposits is available.

    Cloud Mining prices are very cheap.

    Maintenance fees is very low.

    There are profitable contracts available.

    Credit card payments are available.

    You have a chance to receive rewards daily.

    Daily payouts from smaller contracts.

    Oxbtc provides a way to earn as much as you want from their system with 0% cost, all you have to do is

    Perform your referral task(once) to unlock main feature:

    This main feature allows you to claim 100 satoshi every 2 hours for life and for free! After performing referral task, you'll also be rewarded with 100 satoshi.

  • You will be provided with about 3 document on your dashboard that you should select one and share in order to unlock your dashboard
  • Copy the text / document you will choose, open your twitter account and share. You must tag 3 friends includling oxbtc.
  • After sharing, submit a prove (screen shot) for a review.
  • Receive 100 satoshi after reviewed succesfully
  • You will also earn 3% commission from your referrals

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    Disadvantages On OXBTC

    One disadvantage on OXBTC is that, some part of their website / mobile application is available only in Chinese language.

    Earn From Social Media Task On OXBTC

  • Follow oxbtc on twitter, submit a screen shot and receive 100 satoshi.
  • Subscribe to Oxbtc youtube channel, submit a screen shot and receive 100 satoshi.
  • Follow OXBTC facebook page, submit screen shot and receive 100 satoshi
  • Claim Yours Here Now!


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    2. OXBTC is the best cloud mining. I recommend for all users.

    3. Oxbtc is a good platform for investing crypto.


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