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Vertex Trades Review | Is It Scam Or Legit

What Vertex Trades Is Vertex Trades is an innovative service, based on neural network, that allows you to make passive and stable profit, even if you absolutely do not understand cryptocurrencies. Vertex Trades is a leading investment and cryptocurrency and Forex trading firm based in London. They specialise in short-medium term positions in large-cap cryptocurrencies and major Forex markets. Thier trading specialists and investment professionals average over 20 years experience in the industry. Their board of investment and trade research specialists include experienced traders with great amount of institutional exposure at top financial and banking institutions, and they are constantly working on implementing most effective and advanced trading technology and competitive services for their clients. How Vertex Trades Works Create an account on Vertex Trades website Choose a plan you prefer Start earning profit

Cirtmine Cloud Mining Review | Scam Or Legit

What Cirtmine Cloud Mining Is

Cirtmine Cloud Mining is a High Yield Investment Program that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors.

This cloud mining will give you 130%-160% profit based on what you invest between $10 to $100000

How Cirtmine Works

Create an account

Choose a package

Start earning profit

Payments Method On Cirtmine

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Litecoin
  3. Ethereum
  4. Dash
  5. Dogecoin
  6. Bitcoin Cash
  7. Ripple
  8. Stellar
  9. Tron
  10. Zcash
  11. Perfect Money

Mining Packages

Minimum deposit: $ 10
Maximum deposit: $ 100000

Mining profit start from 130% to 160%. All packages last for 30days.

Cirtmine Review : Is Cirtmine scam or Legit

Status : SCAM, Not Paying

Cirtmine has been online for the past 20 days with 2647 users, $ 69785.35 deposit made and $ 19677.51 earned by users so far. Very cool but, I don't trust sites with such records.

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