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Ecoin Smart Contract Review | Is Ecochain Scam Or Legit

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AdSense Trick To Increase Earnings

trick to increase Adsense earnings

Greetings to everyone reading this. In this post, I want to show anyone or individuals who has Adsense ads showing on their website or blog and has low earnings and would like to increase it.

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Before I teach or show you my method I use to increase my earnings, I want you to know the following.

Countries With High Cost Per Click (CPC)

Below is a table containing a list of countries that gives high earnings when an ad or advertisement is being clicked on your website or blog.

Position Country CTR
(Click Through Rate)
(Cost Per Click)
1st Luxembourg 0.55% $ 0.65
2nd United States 0.75% $ 0.61
3rd Australia 0.72% $ 0.57
4th United Kingdom 1.06% $ 0.48
5th Austria 0.69% $ 0.45
6th Canada 0.79% $ 0.45
7th Finland 0.54% $ 0.45
8th New Zealand 1.21% $ 0.33
9th Ireland 0.73% $ 0.31
10th Sweden 0.70% $ 0.31
11th Denmark 0.70% $ 0.28
12th Singapore 0.96% $ 0.27
13th Netherlands 0.80% $ 0.26
14th Norway 0.63% $ 0.26
15th South Africa 1.13% $ 0.26
16th Unknown Region 0.63% $ 0.25
17th Bahamas 1.71% $ 0.24
18th Germany 0.52% $ 0.22
19th Belgium 0.53% $ 0.21
20th Switzerland 0.59% $ 0.21

From all around the world, over 2,000,000 small and large publishers use AdSense to earn money through advertising. Before you take that step for your own website and apply for a Google AdSense account, there’s plenty to consider: from where to place ads, to the type of products those ads sell, we realize the importance of keeping the content on your site relevant to your audience and keeping your audience happy.

Here’s how you can get started.

You'll need a Personal Computer (PC) or a laptop.

The trick i'm introducing to you today is called AdSense Click For Click also known as C4C which is popularly used by most publishers using AdSense.

In C4C, we set a simple rule or rules that every clicker must obey. Any one who does C4C is called a Clicker.

Terms In C4C That You Must Know

Example of rules
10pv, 1 ad click, 3 inner. Search earnmorecashtoday on google

10pv means view 10 pages on my website or blog. PV = Page View

1 ad click means click on one advertisement on my website or blog.

3 inner means view 3 pages on when the ad you clicked opens.

Interested in doing C4C with me, then let's get started. First of all this is my rules: 10pv, 1 ad click, 3inner. Search earnmorecashtoday on google.

I'll illustrate below with images to get started if you're a beginner or maybe incase you wish to do this with me.

  1. Open your browser and go to Google Search and search for earnmorecashtoday
    adsense c4c
  2. From the search result shown, click on my website which is earnmorecashtoday.com
    adsense c4c
  3. Open my website and view 10 posts or pages. My website should be like this
    adsense c4c
  4. After viewing 10 pages, click on 1 ad or advertisement
  5. View 3 pages also on the ad you clicked. At least you must stay 5 mins on that ad.
  6. Send your browsing screenshoot to me via my whatsapp line

Thank You!


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