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How To Buy And sell Ecoins And Other Crypto Currency On

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How To Buy And sell Your Ecoins On Ecoin Locally | The Coin.EExchange

Know The following

    1. Ecoin Crypto Currency

Ecoin is the latest and the fastest growing crypto currency powered by the world’s first AI driven e-mail based proxy identity engine which aims to lauch the world biggest airdrop.

    1. Ecoin Locally

Ecoin Locally is where users are allowed to buy their ecoins with peace of mind without any KYC in less than 10 minutes.

    1. The Coin.Exchange

The Coin.Exchange is platform (website) that allows usere on ecoin who are will and able to buy and sell their ecoins to traders that are being listed on the site. I’m currently one of the traders.

  1. Crypto Currencies You can buy on The Coin.Exchange
    1. Ecoins
    2. Bitcoins
    3. USDT
    4. TRX

How To Buy Or Sell Your Ecoins Successfully

Before you’ll be able to buy or sell your ecoins you need to fulfill the following

  1. Be a member of the world’s fastest growing crypto currency known as Ecoin.
  2. You need to have a wombat wallet that you’ll use to hold your ecoins.


How To Buy

  • Open Google Chrome or any browser you prefer and log in or sign in to your account on The Coin.Exchange
  • Depending on your country, traders available will be automatically listed for you
  • Select your preferred trader and start trading.
  • Make payments and receive your ecoins instantly

Payments Method Accepted On The Coin.Exchange

Payment method depends on your country but the most used one’s are listed below.

  1. Crypto Currency Transfer
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. FIAT
  4. Mobile Payments ( Payments from your network operators )
  5. Others

Benefits Of Using The Coin.Exchange

    1. No KYC Required

Sharing KYCs with crypto exchanges is boring so there’s no need to share kyc documents like IDs, Passport, Driving License, etc with the

    1. Buy And Sell Crypto In No Time

Sign up and buy or sell your crypto in less than 10 minutes.

    1. Zero Transaction Fees

Crypto exchanges get hacked routinely , why take unnecessary risks ! Last year alone Crypto exchanges lost $1.6 billion ( Get in and out of crypto in a few clicks ! hold your money all the time ! 100% peace of Mind, 100% convenience Buy, hold and use p-BITCOIN with zero transaction fee

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