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Baskadia Bitcoin Tipping Review

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Baskadia Bitcoin Tipping Review

Baskadia Bitcoin Tipping Review

What is Baskadia

Baskadia Bitcoin Tipping Review – Baskadia is a bitcoin tipping platform to share stories and other works to earn bitcoin.

A Bitcoin Tipping is a feature developed to enable users earn money by posting their stories or other works. Twitter recently released a new feature for users to tip their most favored content creators using Bitcoin and this feature will allow influencers to earn money from anywhere in the world without any geographical restrictions.

Join Me On Baskadia

How Baskadia Works

  1. Create an account
  2. Publish post
  3. Get (earn) Bitcoin

Works You Can Post On Baskadia

  • Images
  1. You can post pictures, drawings, paintings, etc
  • Texts
  1. You can postnovels, blogs, articles, essays, poems, etc
  2. You can post both a single page story and a multiple page story.
  • Comic
  1. You can postcomic, manga, cartoons, and graphic novels
  2. You can post both a single page story and a multiple page story

Baskadia Review : Features Of Baskadia

  1. Baskadia is basically a free and user friendly.
  2. On Baskadia, it’s very easy to share pictures, comics, novels, blogs, etc
  3. On Baskadia, when you have published post, everyone who likes it can easily tip Bitcoin for you.
  4. On Baskadia, when you have commented on your favorite posts, Baskadia may give you some bitcoin.
  5. There is an optional feature on Baskadia that you can allow others to freely post derivative works and receive royalties
  6. Bitcoin is written in Satoshi on Baskadia. Satoshi refers to the smallest unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 100,000,000 Satoshi is equivalent to 1 Bitcoin.


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