Fundmine Is A Scam

What is Fundmine?

Fundsmine is an online platform which was structurally built to eradicate poverty literally to it subscribers by enabling them to mine and earn in different ways.

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The Mining of Funds seeks to maximise total returns. At least 99% Funds invested globally, of its total assets in the equity are secured.

Fundmine Is A Scam
Fundmine Is A Scam

How does FUNDMINE work?

Fundmine allows you earn money just like every other platforms like Videomine, Goldmine and Chainmine. You earn in three major ways, such as

  1. Welcome bonus = #1000
  2. Daily login = #200
  3. 24hrs Automatic mining = #300
  4. Referral earnings = #1500
  5. Indirect referral earnings = #200

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How to Start Earning on the Platform

You earn on Fundmine by creating an account and possibly go through the use of coupon code which can only be gotten from their vendors/dispatchers.

Below are the process on how to become a Fundminer.

  • Contact any of the coupon vendor to purchase a coupon code
  • Register an account using the coupon code
  • Go on to the mining section and then Start Mining
  • You get a Mining Hashrate
  • You will periodically receive a mining Hashrate in your designated wallet.
Earn More Cash Today
Earn More Cash Today

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Fundmine Withdrawal

The platform pays you with or without referring anyone with a minimum of N10,000 for non_referrals and a minimum of N1,500 (just 1 referral) for affiliate.

Payments for non referrals is done trice (3 times) in a month (basically 10th, 20th and 30th) of every month.
While payments for affiliate bonus is done DAILY.

FUNDMINE registration fee is very affordable, with just a token of N3,000 you’re good to go.

Fundmine Register/sign up (Registration)

  1. Visit register
  2. Click on the register button
  3. Fill in the your details including the coupon code you bought from the authorized vendors
  4. Click on the Register Button

Fundmine login ( login or sign in)

  1. Visit login
  2. Fill in the required details including your email and password
  3. Finally, Click on the Fundmine login button to sign in to your account dashboard. Review

Fundmine is really a new platform, launched in February 7, 2022 which is far too early to find out whether it is legit or scam.

When was launched?

Fundmine was launched in February 7, 2022. Which is just 7days as of the time of writing this Review.

Who is the founder of Fundmine?

During our research, we didn’t find any information on who the owner of the platform is.

Is Fundmine Legit?


It is a new platform, launched in February 7, 2022. Please drop a comment below for all to see and know more about this platform.