Is No More Legit Review Review

What is is an online money making platform that offers you free R300 for a successful registration. also have in place, objectives which you can complete and earn cash from them as well as a referral bonus of R500 just for referring a friend to join also claims to be deeply involved in the digital currency field for many years. provides services of leasing out mining machines to their registered members/users. has been recently known for abiding by the policies and regulations of different countries including; Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Iran, etc.

How works

All you need to do to start earning on is to sign up on the platform by visiting their website, or via a referral link or invitational code shared or given to you by a friend.


Funds recovery is another type of fraud.

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You would then be rewarded with a free registration bonus of R300. According to platform, it is an investment platform also inline with cryptocurrency that allows you to mine with the money you invested to enable you to earn more. On cloud mining platform, the investor/user and the digital mining farm are directly connected to each other so as to help the user save the complicated processes of purchasing, installing, hosting, and operating and maintaining the mining machine.

Ant cloud mining contains the most advanced mine maintenance team. It also provides users with safe, stable, reliable machine mining assistance.

There are also other ways to earn on, which are as follows;

1. If you invite 5 friends on, you would earn an additional R500. Recall, each friend you refer would also earn R500.

2. Signing In daily also earns you an extra R200.

3. Recharge for the first time on and earn an additional bonus up to 10 times.

4. If you also check-in for 7 consecutive days, you earn 1000zar.

Is Scam or Legit

Status – SCAM!!!! is a scam project, therefore do not put your money in their project else you’ll lose and you’ll never get your money back.