Bundle Africa Review | The Best Way To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Introduction To Bundle Africa Review

Bundle Africa is a fully remote team of 50 people living and working in 5 countries all over the world (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, UK, Uganda).

Bundle Africa’s commitment to supporting its team and customers have helped Bundle grow to serve over 700,000 users in 2 years. Bundle Africa’s passion for making meaningful connections flows through everything that we do.

Bundle Africa cares about building a quality product, a trusted relationship with our customers, and a sense of community that connects their customers with one another.

What Is Bundle Africa?

The bundle africa is a social payments technology company for cash or crypto. We make it easy and fun to send and receive payments using cash like Naira, as well as cryptos like Bitcoin or BNB. It’s safe, fast, fun, and free


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Bundle Africa Review
Bundle Africa Review

Bundle Africa is a P2P(peer-to-peer) or social payments app for cash and cryptocurrencies. With Bundle App, users can send, receive, deposit, withdraw and store cash and crypto.

Launched in April 2020 by Yele Badamosi, an ex-director at Binance, the Bundle app is now one of the popular crypto trading platforms in Africa.

Bundle Africa app is a cryptocurrency broker and not a crypto exchange or an investment platform.

As a crypto broker, Bundle acts an intermediary between you and a crypto exchange making cryptocurrency trading easy especially if you are a beginner.

How Bundle Africa Works

Sign Up

Create an account and verify your identity. Starting your crypto journey is that easy. Let’s go!!


Deposit cash on the app through Cashlink our p2p partner, or transfer crypto from an external wallet.


Choose from over 80+ cryptocurrencies. Remember to do your own research before investing.

How To Make Money On The Bundle Africa App

One o the known ways of making on Bundle app is through crypto trading but there are other ways too. Below are 6 ways to make money on the Bundle Africa App:

Trade Cryptocurrency On Bundle App

The obvious way to make money on the Bundle Africa app is through cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling crypto coins to make money and profit.

Due to its volatile nature, crypto trading has become one of the latest ways to make money online within a short time. In order to make money on Bundle Africa app through crypto trading, you have to buy crypto coins in anticipation of rising very soon before selling.

Hence, a crypto trader will always want to buy low and sell high quickly. This approach involves being very active, unlike an investor who buys and is not bothered about the fluctuation of the digital coin.

As a beginner who wants to make money in cryptocurrency, learn to research crypto coins before trading so as not to enter a wrong trade due to your own predictions. And if you are still confused about which crypto coins to trade? Check these: Audio, Dent, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Fantom, Gala, Terra(Luna), Solana, Uniswap, and Shiba Inu.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

Another way to make make money on the Bundle Africa app is by investing in cryptocurrency. This involves buying crypto coins and holding on a long term, like a year or more, before selling. In crypto terms, it is called HODLING.

To spot which coin will yield a better investment can be difficult. However, through research, you can spot crypto coins with high trading volume, and impressive projects that people are talking about.

Typically, you will want to invest in any coin that has a high volume of trade because it shows it is in demand. Also, it is good to buy low in order to gain more profit. Lastly, invest gradually with the money you can afford to lose.

Save BUSD on Bundle Africa Vault

You can make money by saving in the Bundle Africa vault. In Vault, you save BUSD which is a stablecoin that is equivalent to a Dollar, and earn at least 10% interest per annum.

There are at least 2 advantages of saving your idle fund in BUndle Vault. First, you do have to worry about crypto volatility because your savings are secured. Also, since BUSD is pegged to Dollar currency, it is a better saving option, unlike when other less stable currencies like Naira.

There is BUSD Flexible and Fixed. The Flexible gives you the freedom to withdraw anytime while BUSD Fixed funds can only be redeemed on maturity.

Through Bundle Referral Program

The Bundle Africa referral bonus program is another way of making money with the app.

By inviting someone to join Bundle Africa through your link or username, both of you will receive a referral bonus after the person signs up, verify and trade a minimum of $10 within 15 days of account opening on the Bundle app.

With this new referral program, you can be making more money with the Bundle Africa app if you have a lot of friends and they perform the referral bonus requirement. To copy your Bundle Africa referral link on the app, go to Profile > Refer & Earn. Then, copy the link.

Become a Cashlink P2P Trader on Bundle App

The bundle Africa deposit and withdraw method of funds is through the Cash link. If you are familiar with the POS business, you should understand how Cashlink works.

So using Cashlink for deposit means paying a certain amount with a service fee to the third-party partner who will credit your Bundle account. It also works the same way for withdrawals.

These partners have been verified by the Bundle Africa app and you too can join. Hence, registering as a Cashlink P2P partner is another way to make money on the Bundle Africa app. However, understand it is capital intensive.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency on Bundle Africa App

It is very easy to buy and sell crypto coins on the bundle app. Below is the process.

  • Firstly, open the Bundle app
  • Next, fund your wallet account through Cashlink
  • On the wallet dashboard, you will see All Assets and Sell all. Tap See all
  • Then, choose your preferred crypto from the list
  • Tap the crypto and tap Buy
  • Tap the NGN local currency.
  • Then, fill in the amount of crypto or cash to buy and tap Next.
  • Lastly, tap the Confirm button. Your bought crypto will reflect in your wallet.
  • In order to sell crypto, go to the wallet dashboard, you will see All Assets and Sell all. Tap See all
  • Then, choose your preferred crypto from the list to sell
  • Tap the crypto and tap Sell
  • Next, tap the NGN local currency.
  • Tap Max to sell all the crypto or enter the amount of crypto or cash to sell. Then, tap Next.
  • Lastly, tap the Confirm button

How To Withdraw Money From Bundle Africa App

To withdraw money from your bundle app, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Bundle and tap Withdraw.
  2. Choose your withdrawal option ( Withdraw via P2p express, withdraw with Cashlink, Buy gift cards and Withdraw as cash)
  3. Type in the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Tap the Withdraw button.
  5. Choose where you want the withdrawal to go. (Wallet or bank account or gift cards)Tap Confirm Withdrawal.
  6. Type in your Bundle PIN.

Bundle Africa fees

Bundle charges $0.36 as a deposit fee on the app and $0.12 as a withdrawal fee for Naira withdrawals. For BNB, it charges 0.001 of your withdrawal amount, 0.003 for ETH, and 0.02 for BUSD.

Is my BVN safe with Bundle Africa?

Yes, your BVN is safe with Bundle. The reason your BVN is required is to check your BVN against the general BVN database to make sure your information matches. Your BVN doesn’t give Bundle Africa access to your bank details or any of your bank accounts.

Is Bundle Africa Legit?

The Bundle Africa is a safe and secure platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment. There are adequate security measures put in place to protect unwarranted access to your account and trading such as Device lock and Transaction PIN.

However, keep your password private. Bundle Africa will not ask for your password, so don’t give it out to someone acting as Bundle Africa in order to receive a prize. It is a scam.


Bundle Africa is the best way to cryptocurrencies. Save and earn interest on your dollar stable cryptocurrency with Bundle vault – No risk involved.

  • Earn up to 15% income on saving
  • Interest is paid out immediately
  • No lock-in period, you control your funds

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