Call And Cash Review: Is Call And Cash A Scam Or Legit

About Call And Cash

Call And Cash is a company in Spain (Granada) that claim to reward users with Bitcoin whenever they make phone calls. Call And Cash require no investment.

How Call And Cash Works

Call And Cash pay people Bitcoin for making phone calls.

Call And Cash Review

Countries Eligible For Call And Cash

Country Prefix
Afghanistan 93
Albania 355
Anguilla 1264
Antigua 1268
Armenia 374
Ascension 247
Azerbaijan 994
Belize 501
Benin 229
Bielorrusia 375
Bosnia 387
Botswana 267
Burkina Faso 226
Burundi 257
Caucus 1345
Central African Reuplic 236
Chad 235
Comoros 269
Cook Island 682
Cuba 53
Democratic Republic of Congo 243
Diego García 246
Djibouti 253
Dominica 1767
Equatorial Guinea 240
Eritrea 291
Ethiopia 251
Fiji 679
Gabon 241
Gambia 220
Georgia 995
Ghana 233
Grenada 1473
Guinea Bissau 245
Guyana 592
Haiti 509
Iran 98
Ivory Coast 225
Jamaica 1876
Kenia 254
Kiribati 686
Lesotho 266
Liberia 231
Libia 218
Madagascar 261
Malawi 265
Maldives 960
Mali 223
Malvinas (ISL.) 500
Marianas (ISL.) 1670
Marshall (ISL.) 692
Mauricio 230
Mauritania 222
Micronesia 691
Moldavia 373
Montenegro 382
Montserrat 1664
Nauru 674
New Caledonia 687
Niger 227
Niue 227
North Macedonia 389
Occidental Samoa 685
Palaos 680
Papua New Guinea 675
Polinesia 689
Popular Republic of Congo 242
Popular Republic of Corea 850
Qatar 974
Republica of Guinea 224
Rwanda 250
San Cristobal and Newis 1869
San Vicente & Granada 1784
Santa Elena 290
Sao Tome & Principe 239
Senegal 221
Serbia 381
Seychelles 248
Sierra Leona 232
Siria 963
Solomon 677
Somalia 252
South Africa 27
South Sudan 211
Sri Lanka 94
State Of Palestina 970
Sudan 249
Tajikistan 992
Tanzania 255
Timor-Leste 670
Togo 228
Tokelau (ISL.) 690
Tonga 676
Tunisia 216
Turks & Caicos (ISL.) 1649
Tuvalu 688
Uganda 256
United Arab Emirates 971
Vanuatu 678
Virgins Br. (ISL.) 1284
Wallis & Fortuna 681
Zambia 260

Referral Program

Anytime someone clicks on your link and register, you’ll earn a commission. All you need to do is to invite people to join the Call And Cash platform using your referral link.

Payment Methods

The Call And Cash platform uses a Bitcoin payment gateway to pay its members


Funds recovery is another type of fraud.

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Is Call And Cash A Scam Or Legit?

Status: Call And Cash might be a scam. I tried and it didn’t work for me.

Call And Cash App Download

Call And Cash currently doesn’t offer an application to access its service. Nonetheless, users can still utilize their online site from anywhere to perform transactions unhindered.

On-the-go convenience is paramount with Call And Cash due to it being optimized to work well on mobile devices. Its user-friendly and intuitive design ensures hassle-free navigation and transaction execution.


Online scam reviews are essential for anyone who uses the internet to stay informed and vigilant. Reporting any scams to authorities can help hold scammers accountable and prevent others from falling victim to the same scams. Do your research before engaging with any new online platform or service to build a more trustworthy and reliable online environment.