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About Coderons

Coderons is a unique platform that allows developers from all over the world to connect and grow with each other. You can earn passive income by publishing, sharing articles related to your domain, and answering other developers’ questions.

Coderons was founded in 2021 by a team of passionate people who wanted to create an exclusive platform for learners and developers across the globe. Coderons is a social networking service company that enables its users to connect with world-class developers to learn, resolve issues, share interests, and enhance their knowledge. Coderons empower individuals with great passion to learn from the experts directly and achieve their goals.

How Coderons Works

Every time your posts/articles reach the milestone of 1000 unique views, you will receive a credit of $5 to your account. The process of receiving payment is hassle-free as coderons use Paypal and other secured payment gateways to credit money to your bank accounts. The payouts are made on the 4th of every month. You can do the payout setup before or during withdrawal.

Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • Bank Account Transfer

Is Coderons Scam Or Legit?

Status: Might be a scam


Funds recovery is another type of fraud.

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