Fblines com Review | Scam Or Legit

About Fblines com

Fblines com, which is also known as Facebook line, is an online platform for making easy money.

Facebook line earning site is not related to Facebook social media platform. They share the same logo, but they do not have the same owners!

Fblines com Review | Scam Or Legit
Fblines com Review | Scam Or Legit

One of the many likable features of fblines, is the welcome bonus that you will receive after completing fblines.com sign-up process. The welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, is the sum of $50!

Is Fbline Scam Or Legit

Status: Scam.  All information provided by the site owner is fake or not real.

What Makes Fbline Scam

No business on this earth will give a sum of $50 for free just like that. Even big companies who have a lot of cash give up to $12 for new users sometimes less. Let’s take Coinbase for example, when a user joins Coinbase through your referral link, both of you will get $10 each. Even before both of you get the $10, the user who joined through your link must make a trade up to $12 or so before you can get your $10.

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How come Fbline is giving a sum of $50 just like that for sign-ups for new users? This is a scam project. Please stay away from it.

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