Hertzzauto Review | Is hertzzauto.com A Scam Or Legit

About Hertzzauto

Hertzzauto claims to be an investment fund that has been in business since 2009 and achieved noticeable results.

Referral Commission: 2%

Payment Method: Bank Transfer

Investment Plans

  • Polo: 30.00 Rand Per day
  • Jeep: 60.00 Rand Per day
  • Fortune: 90.00 Rand Per day
  • Mercedes: 150.00 Rand Per day
  • Auto Train: 300.00 Rand Per day

How To Earn Money On Hertzzauto

  1. Register Yourself in Hertzzauto Partner Program
  2. Deposit Money and Choose Any Suitable Plan to Invest
  3. Get Maximized Profits / Returns on Your Investment
  4. Withdraw Your Profits Anytime

Is Hertzzauto A Scam Or Legit

Status: Hertzzauto is new and might be a scam, I’m not an admin at Hertzzauto, only invest what you can afford to lose

Red Flags: Pay Attention To These

  • The owner of the website did not provide any information about themselves.
  • There’s a high return on investment.
  • Domain age is very new.
  • The Trust Score of the website is very low.

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