Offers2Cash Review | Scam or Legit

About Offers2Cash

Offers2Cash is the new GPT site where you can see ads, fill out surveys, participate in contests, try games or apps on your mobile phone, etc. With these actions, you will earn points on the web, called “ingots”, which you can later exchange for gift vouchers from a lot of stores, for money in PayPal, and, soon, for cryptocurrencies.

Offers2Cash Review
Offers2Cash Review

Another way in which you can earn ingots will be by inviting your friends since you will get 10% of what your friends generate. In addition, you will get 5% of what the people invited by your friends generate and 2% of what the people invited by your friends’ friends generate.

How Offers2Cash Works

  • Sign up for free and in less than a minute: Accessing Offers2Cash is totally free. Offers2Cash simply asks you for a registration with your email and username. This will take about fifty seconds and you can start earning Ingots and getting gifts and making money. Think no more!
  • Earn Ingots: Fill out surveys, watch videos, participate in contests, play games, or invite your friends to try the web. In all these ways you can earn Ingots, which are Offers2Cash points. The more you accumulate, the better.
  • Redeem them for gifts: When you have earned enough Ingots, go to the Offers2Cash store and exchange them for the gifts you want for free. You can choose gift vouchers from your favorite stores (Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, supermarkets, fashion stores…), money through PayPal, Bitcoins, etc.


How To Earn On Offers2Cash

You can earn by completing offers on Offerwalls(9 popular Offerwalls nowadays), watching videos, completing surveys, and Daily surveys(CPX Research, Yuno, Wannads, TheoremReach).

Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Gift Vouchers

Minimum Payout: $5

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Is Offers2Cash Scam Or Legit

Status: Legit and Paying.

Referral Commission

You will get a 10% of your referral earnings. Also, you will earn 5% of the earnings of the people invited by your referrals and 2% of the people invited by them.

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