Salad Crypto Mining Review | Is Salad Scam Or Legit

About Salad

The Salad desktop application allows gamers and everyday websites to share latent compute resources from their idle PCs—like processing cycles, storage, or bandwidth—on a distributed network called “The Kitchen,” where they can contribute to advanced computing tasks and power their passions with meaningful rewards. Every year, Salad Chefs claim over 3 million games, gift cards, subscriptions, and other digital rewards using value earned on Salad.

Salad Crypto Mining Review
Salad Crypto Mining Review

With their help, our network has surpassed some of the world’s top supercomputers with peaks of 80 pFLOPS and counting! Since our founding in 2018, the Salad community has contributed over 8,000 years of latent processing cycles to Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems and donated thousands to environmental charities like #TeamTrees and 1% for the Planet. Now we’re activating that robust supply of shared resources to create a decentralized and entirely people-powered cloud computing platform.

By 2025, the Salad Cloud platform will offer affordable, workload-agnostic cloud computing infrastructure for virtually any use case. Whether it’s bootstrapping VPN services, seeding new blockchains (“decentralization-as-a-service”), spinning up P2P gaming networks, or securely distributing a 3D rendering job to thousands of anonymous nodes, there’s nothing the Salad Kitchen can’t cook up.

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Does Salad Use My Data In Any Way?

Salad only collects data relevant to improving user experience, like runtime, selected rewards, GPU model, etc… Salad will never sell or share this data with a third party. Salad employs the latest cyber security solutions to keep your information safe.

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Is this a mining pool?

No, Salad is not itself a mining pool. Instead, Salad leverage multiple third-party mining pools to maximize your earnings.

Salad currently uses:

  1. Prohashing
  2. NiceHash
  3. Ethermine

Building on existing mining pools helps streamline the mining process to deliver tangible rewards without users having to worry about pools, servers, wallets, etc.

Salad’s Mission & Values

Salad Technologies’ mission is to be the easiest, safest, and most trusted way to share your compute. With a guiding focus on trust, safety, and user empathy, Salad hopes to deliver great value to both gamers and clients starved for affordable processing power.

To earn this trust, we’ve committed to maximum transparency, both in Salad’s source code and with their business practices.

How To Partner With Salad

Salad love working with passionate members of their community and/or interested third parties. The best way to reach the salad team is via their affiliates page at You can also contact salad on discord, then send a message to either the moderators or the admin accounts there. You can also reach salad on Twitter, and email salad at

Is Salad legit? Or is it a scam?

Salad is legit, but thanks to the actions of a few bad apples in the crypto space, people have become hesitant to trust new ventures in the industry. However, I assure you that Salad has no interest in skimming from your earnings, selling your data, or otherwise scamming you. If you feel unsafe about the program, feel free to inspect the Salad code on Github. Salad Discord server is a great place to verify their legitimacy. The salad team also has an excellent TrustPilot rating. Salad wants to be as transparent as possible, so the community can always keep an eye on us.

Our business model puts us in a unique position, where crypto-mining itself is not a source of profit, but rather a means to build a strong user base before we transition into High-Performance Computing jobs. We highly encourage our users to question us and familiarize themselves with crypto scams so they can make an informed decision about Salad.