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About Me – Yhang Mhany

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About Me - Yhang Mhany
Kingsley Assefuah (Yhang Mhany)

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Owner of Yhang

Schooling At Huni-Valley Senior High School

Lives in Prestea, Western Region, Ghana

From Shama, Western Region, Ghana

Birthday: 27 December 2001



💻 Coding

💻 Blogging


😄 Memes

📖 Reading

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Hi, I'm Kingsley Assefuah popularly known as Yhang Mhany and I love to make money in everything I do. So I created this blog to help others find many ways of earning money with 0% stress.

I've gained many benefits since I started this journey. Now I'm a multi-talented person ;

  • I can do what a webmaster does.
  • I can code.
  • I can make my own design. Not pretty nice tho but I like it.
  • I have a basic understanding of SEO.
  • My writing skills have improved.
  • And many more...


What I Can Do

Website Building

I will take my time to build your own website with languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc to make your website or blog look very responsive.

SEO Services

I will optimize your site to improve your ranking on various search engines (bing, google, Yandex, etc). You will also be getting real human traffic which would be seen in your analytics dashboard.

Adsense Approval

Getting approval from Adsense is very difficult now adays but trust me I will help you get approved within 1 - 2 weeks.

Hire Me Today!

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About Me - Yhang Mhany

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