Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit

Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit
Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit

Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit? Mineify is a registered company in Russia and Australia which is regulated by Australian Securities And Investment Commission helping individuals or companies to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit and what makes it a scam or legit?

Status : SCAM

Mineify is 100% a scam site why? because


  • From the beginning, Emily (Admin in telegram group) made it clear that users with free contract can withdraw a minimum amount of $10 without upgrading (moving to a prime account) their account but now Mineify is requesting a prime account to be able to withdraw from free contract. Many people reached $10 but couldn’t withdraw including me.




  • Since mineify was launched, every contest they held is always private. They will only send you a mail message about ongoing contest but will never announce on their social media not even on telegram including it website. Winners of the contest are never announced publicly, they’re contacted privately always.




  • Mineify minimum contract price unexpectedly changed from $20 to $25. Nobody was noticed about this not even in the telegram group or either by e-mail. You must consider all these before going ahead to invest with them




  • Mineify minimum contract price changed from $25 to $50 unexpectedly again. This is the one of the most scamming mining site I’ve ever meet. The best place to invest in crypto currency is OXBTC.

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Mineify Cloud Mining Scam or Legit? Pros and Cons Of Mineify



  • Free to join
  • 2TH/s free for every new user
  • Mining result updates every hour
  • Earn from referrals
  • Every contract last for 18 good months




  • Low support system. Most of e-mail message sent by the users are not replied.
  • Withdrawal fees: $2 even if you withdraw $1
  • Contest are held privately
  • Withdrawal available for prime accounts only
  • Minimum contract: $25 (previously $20)


Things To Consider Before Investing Online

  1. Every legit project must possess a COI( certificate of incorporation) that is “verifiable” through the country’s corporate commission.
  2. Any company that gives more than 3.5% daily ROI (Return On Investment) is scam. I have even seen most projects giving a return of 100% to investors within a period of 30 days. That’s really a ponzi (high yield investment program). High Yield Investment Program is an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. These abnormal ROI percentages are placed to lure innocent or greedy investors Stay clear off it.
  3. Please be careful not to invest with any company claiming existence and registration from United kingdom. They are all scam sites, do not fall victim.

Now many fake sites have being developed to scam people so don’t be a victim of such sites. And many people are also claiming they’re earning money from Mineify while others too are losing, saying bad things about them. I’ll only advice you to invest what you can lose

These are red flags you can use to avoid scam companies, feel free to let me know before you make any investment or even financial decisions on platforms you are having doubts on. I’ll help you make verifications and give further recommendations.

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